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Balance Bike Wooden ‘Pootle’ (2-5 years)

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Introducing Pootle: The star-themed balance bike that turns learning into playtime! Designed for 2-5 year olds, Pootle emphasizes balance, letting little ones move using their feet. Made from birch plywood and showcasing a charming star design, features include an adjustable padded seat, safety handgrips, 30cm wooden infill wheels, and a lightweight build at 4kg. With Pootle, every ride is a starry adventure in balance and joy!

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Pootle: Starry Adventures in Balance Biking!

Step into the whimsical world of Pootle, a balance bike thoughtfully designed to infuse joy and confidence into your child’s biking journey. Pootle’s magic lies in its approach—focusing on balance over pedaling. With the freedom to use their feet for momentum, children effortlessly learn the art of balancing, making the transition to a regular bike seamless and fun-filled.

What Makes Pootle Shine?

  • Stellar Aesthetics: Crafted from robust birch plywood, Pootle flaunts a captivating star design, making every ride a starry adventure.
  • Just the Right Fit: Ideally sized for 2-5 year olds, Pootle ensures a snug and comfortable riding experience.
  • Effortless Assembly: Get Pootle up and running in no time with its straightforward setup.
  • Ride in Comfort: A cushioned seat ensures maximum comfort, while the adjustable saddle (38cm, 40cm & 42cm) adapts to your child’s growth.
  • Safety First: The bike features soft plastic handgrips with safety ends, ensuring young riders are protected on their adventures.
  • Precision Steering: The dampened steering mechanism offers smooth turns, ideal for those just getting the hang of biking.
  • Eye-Catching Wheels: Pootle’s 30cm wheels, adorned with wooden infills and cushioned with inflated tyres, guarantee a smooth and delightful ride.
  • Built for Convenience: Weighing around 4kg and equipped with a carry handle, Pootle is both portable and lightweight.
  • Key Dimensions: The bike measures a compact 80 x 37 x 54cm (LxWxH).

Pootle isn’t just another balance bike; it’s a passport to a world of fun, stars, and memories. Let your little one embark on an enchanting journey, one starry ride at a time!

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Review (1)
  1. Alice Campbell

    This is a great balance bike. Property made, solid with touches that make it stand out. Very light easy to carry on the rare occasion my son isn’t on it. Great wheels and fab paint job.

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