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Balance Bike – Kruzer Red


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The Kruzer Red Balance Bike is a child’s perfect introduction to cycling. Designed for mastering balance without the hassle of pedals, it’s lightweight at just 3.2 kilos, thanks to its premium magnesium aluminium frame. Easily adjustable for kids aged 18 months to 5 years, its rustproof alloy frame and puncture-proof tyres ensure durability. Unique footplates provide a seamless transition to pedal bikes. With Kruzer, watch your child cruise with confidence.

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Kruzer Red Balance Bike: Your Child’s Ultimate First Bike Experience

The Kruzer Balance Bike isn’t just another bike – it’s a fusion of fun and learning. Here’s why:

Mastering the Balance: Forget the traditional and often frustrating method of teaching kids to ride. The Kruzer focuses on what’s essential: balance. By using their feet to glide, children can grasp the feel of balancing without the complication of pedals.

Superior Quality and Design: Kruzer stands out from the crowd. Made with a premium magnesium aluminium frame, it promises durability without the weight. At a mere 3.2 kilos (7lbs), it’s perfectly tailored for little ones.

Adapts as They Grow: With a 12″ alloy frame, this bike is ideal for children aged 18 months to 5 years. As they grow taller, simply adjust the seat height (from 33cm to 42cm) using the convenient quick-adjust lever.

Built to Endure: This isn’t a bike that you’ll replace anytime soon. Its rustproof, strong triangulated alloy frame paired with puncture-proof hard foam filled EVA tyres ensures that Kruzer will remain a trusted companion for years.

Prioritising Confidence: A snug fit not only ensures safety but also bolsters control and stability. It’s specifically designed to boost balance, coordination, and ultimately, confidence.

Transition Ready with Unique Footplates: Once your child is ready, the Kruzer’s innovative grippy footplates offer a place to rest those little feet, preparing them for their journey to a pedal bike without the awkwardness of dangling legs.


  • Weight: Approximately 3.2kg
  • Dimensions: 87 x 40 x 50cm (LxWxH)

With Kruzer, your child won’t just be riding; they’ll be cruising towards a future of confident and joyful cycling! Don’t settle for less; let Kruzer lead the way.


18 Months, 2, 3, 4, 5

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Review (1)
  1. Arthur Jones

    Honestly worth every penny, solid, very well built bike, so solid and pictures don’t do it any justice, wish I had purchased sooner

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